Anker Turizm San. ve Tic. Ltd Şti (hereinafter referred to as Anker Travel ) located Inonu Bulvari, No:14 at 09400 Kusadasi -Aydin Turkey is specialized in tailoring itineraries in Turkey and Greece , air and ferry ticketing and cruise sales.

For this, Anker Travel uses the assistance of service providers in both countries and its responsibility is limited to the local regulations in Turkey and Greece .

The contract between Anker Travel and its customers is based on the terms outlined herein. As the Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, Anker Travel encourages its customers to read these pages carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are accepted by Anker Travel . By using or any affiliated website, you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect as soon as the parties will have agreed and the non-refundable guarantee deposit will have been paid for. Anker Travel may change these Terms & Conditions at any time as requested by Turkish and Greek tourism regulations and they may influence the agreement between the parties if this laws will affect your program directly.

Anker Travel Responsibilities :

Anker Travel responsibilities start at the moment that both parties, Anker Travel and the customer, have agreed upon the proposed services and prices.

This is mainly confirmed in written by e-mail and/or by the signature of a mail order form and/or the payment of the guarantee deposit.

In as long as a guarantee deposit has not been paid, Anker Travel will not proceed with the final reservation of requested services. Anker Travel will arrange for the reservation of the services agreed for with the customer and ensure that these services will be operated as agreed with the service providers.

Yet, if any of the service providers does not fulfill its duty, the responsibility of Anker Travel will be limited to the organization – in as far as possible - of an alternative service provider or to the refund of this service if the customer chooses to re-organize himself. Anker Travel will not be held responsible nor be obliged to interfere in case of mishaps with services which have not been booked via Anker Travel .

Services bought by Anker Travel on behalf of their customers with third party suppliers may carry a different set of terms and conditions for which Anker Travel will be not held responsible. The name of these service suppliers is clearly written on the vouchers (top left corner).

Prices :

Prices in this website are based on known costs as per January 2014 and are subject to change without prior notice as they may be influenced by any price increases (fuel surcharges, entrance fee increases, taxes…).

Prices listed on Anker Travel site are per person unless otherwise specified. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, prices usually do not include drinks, personal expenses, entrance fees, domestic flights, personal travel insurances, visa fees, port dues and gratuities to guides and drivers.

Gratuities are at your discretion and are really appreciated if given.

Procedures and Services :

When the guarantee deposit will have been made, the customer will be bound to give to Anker Travel all required information to finalize the reservation of the agreed services.

Information needed for making thorough reservations :

1. Due to local tourism legislations, for each passenger Anker Travel will need the full first name(s), family name, date of birth, citizenship and passport number as per passport which will be used during this travel.

2. Some ferry and air companies may require identification (ie, copy of passport or student card) for children/youth/seniors enjoying some reductions. It will be the responsibility of the customer to address these to Anker Travel otherwise the concerned ferry / air company may decline the reduction in which case Anker Travel will accept no responsibility.

3. In the event the customer has booked any services via another agency (or online) and that this information is needed for Anker Travel to book the connecting services, the customer will give all necessary details to Anker Travel (details will be asked in due time).

Anker Travel kindly ask its customers to give all means of contacts during their itinerary so that Anker Travel can contact their customers in case of necessity (cf. "Force Majeure").

Anker Travel , herewith, certify that any personal information of its customers will only and solely be used for the purpose of reservations if and when needed.

Tour information :

While touring with groups, please note that seats are on a first come first serve basis.

Anker Travel or their service providers may, at discretion, require any person to withdraw from any tour if their acts or conduct are deemed offensive or a nuisance to other passengers, and Anker Travel or their service providers shall have no further liability.

Anker Travel or their service providers reserve the right to cancel any tours due to lack of demand and also to use vehicles as dictated by the number of participants. Program contents or prices may be altered at any time due to unforeseen circumstances :

- Road works

- Museum renovations

- Official parades

- Force majeure (see below)

Yet Anker Travel or their service suppliers will inform their passengers in advance – if possible - of any necessary alterations. In the event of any service not being carried out due to any cause whatsoever, no liability will be accepted by Anker Travel except for the refund of the fares of the concerned service. Should the passenger fail to arrive or arrive late at the starting point or during the tour, Anker Travel and its service suppliers will not be held responsible and no refund will be made. This will be considered as a “no-show”.

Vouchers / tickets :

The customers will receive a personalized Anker Travel voucher for each hotel, tour, transfer, event or service booked. The customer must provide the signed original and/or authentic Anker Travel voucher to the appropriate service provider in order to redeem the tours, tickets, or services.

For flights, customers will receive e-tickets by e-mail.

For ferry tickets, depending on the company, the customer will receive a reservation code by e-mail or Anker Travel will deliver hard tickets in hand.

Payment :

These are acceptable by credit card or bank transfer Anker Travel accept VISA and MASTERCARD yet at a supplement of 2% on the total amount of the booked services.

Exceptionally American Express card will be accepted yet at a supplement of 4% on the total amount of the booked services.

Payment by credit card is also possible via our website’s safe payment page … Payment will be listed as Anker Travel on the credit card statement.

For payments by bank transfer, the customer will be informed of our bank details in due time. Any charges which may occur from the bank(s) will be at the expense of the customer.

A guarantee deposit of at least 30% of the total amount of the booked services is required to make a reservation. The guarantee deposit will not be refunded whatever the reason of cancellation.

The balance is due latest one month prior to the start of the tour.

Returning a duly filled in and signed mail order form to Anker Travel or a payment by bank transfer is binding : this is your agreement of these sales conditions and of our services and prices, whatever service is or is not included in the package.

For further details regarding amendments and cancellations, see below.

Amendments by the customer :

Amendments are allowed subject to availability up to 1 week prior to departure yet possible price differences will be calculated and a service fee will be charged.

Air tickets, ferry tickets will be amended as per the regulations of the concerned company.

Cancellations by the customer :

Except otherwise stated, any cancellation of tours, packages or any other services will be refund under the conditions below :

Cruise Ship Shore Excursions (Kusadasi-Izmir-Istanbul Ports)

Deposit only paid

-Cancellation made more than 7 days before the tour start date = All of the deposit returned

-Cancellation made within 7 days before the tour start date = Deposit Retained

-If for any reason the cruise ship does not arrive at the port on the specified day we consider this to be outside of both parties control and we will therefore return all money paid.

-If for any reason YOU decide not to join the tour ('turn up for the tour') then we will charge the original credit card with the balance for the tour.

Full payment paid

-Cancellation made more than 7 days before the tour start date = Full payment returned

-Cancellation made within 7 days before the tour start date = Deposit retained and rest returned

-If for any reason the cruise ship does not arrive at the port on the specified day we consider this to be outside of both parties control and we will therefore return all money paid.

-If for any reason YOU decide not to join the tour ('turn up for the tour') then we will retain 100% of the tour price.

Half or Full day tours (Regular city tours, private city tours from otels & airport)

If cancelled up to 7 days prior to tour start date : full refund except for the guarantee deposit.

If cancelled less than 7 days prior to the tour start : no refund No-show : no refund

Multiday tours :

If cancelled more than 30 days prior to tour departure : refund of all payments made except the guarantee deposit.

If cancelled 16-30 days prior to tour departure : 50% refund of the ground services

If cancelled 01-15 days prior to tour departure : no refund

Air and/or ferry tickets amendments and cancellations :

As these services have their specific regulations, refund of these services will be made as per the specific amendment/cancellation rules of the concerned air and ferry companies.

Yet, for both amendment/cancellation and whatever the refund by the air/ferry company, a service fee of 5,- Euro per ticket (route and person) will be levied by Anker Travel .

Amendment or Cancellations by Anker Travel or its suppliers :

Anker Travel and its service suppliers reserve the right to amend or cancel any of the services, without any penalties beyond offering a full refund if the customer would not agree with the proposed alternative services.

The reasons of such amendment or cancellation can be :

- Repetitive complaints about a supplier by other customers

- Non-observance of the agreement by the supplier

- Bankruptcy of the supplier

- Case of force majeure (see below)

- Safety of the customer

- Bad road conditions

- Bad weather conditions

- Unadvertised renovations…

Delays in services - due to cases of force majeure - or any other reason (traffic jams, last minute re-organization for the well-being of the customer, technical defects of the vehicles...) are not considered as amendment nor cancellation. Delays are just beyond the control of Anker Travel and/or their supplier and can happen.

Force Majeure :

Are considered as "Force Majeure" all events beyond the control of Anker Travel and their service suppliers which may prevent the realization of the services such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, epidemics), war, union actions as all what may result of these.

Furthermore any of technical defects for any of air-sea-land transportation, decisions by airport or port authorities, strikes, lock-out or any other human activity which may interfere in the smooth going of a program will also be considered as beyond the control of Anker Travel and their service suppliers thus also as "Force Majeure".

In case of "Force Majeure" Anker Travel and the concerned service suppliers will not be held responsible but will advise their customers, if at all possible, as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. Anker Travel will also do whatever is in their power to assist their customers, ensure their safety and if necessary try and organize their return to their home country upon agreement of the Consulate of the customer's country.

Should a customer, due to a "Force Majeure", have to interrupt services booked via Anker Travel , Anker Travel cannot be held responsible for it nor be asked compensations. Anker Travel will only reimburse that part of the service(s) which have not been realized solely upon the written acceptance of the concerned service supplier(s).

Drivers :

Drivers have to work under very strict regulations (specific parking lots, speed limits…) and time restrictions. We kindly ask your understanding and co-operation to facilitate the job of our drivers.

Guides :

Anker Travel exclusively works with official tour guide and where possible, guides specialized in the subject of the tour booked. The tours proposed in this website are based on English speaking tour guide yet if you wish guidance services in another language, please do inform us accordingly. Depending the requested language tour prices may need to be adapted (tour guidance in “seldom” languages tend to be more expensive than English).

Some group tours may be operated in two languages.

Smoking :

Smoking is not permitted in the tour coaches but all tours make frequent stops.

Food and Drink :

In the event a customer follows a specific diet for health reasons or due to his belief, he/she is requested to inform Anker Travel accordingly so that the service supplier can be informed too.

In the interest of the safety and comfort of all passengers, we ask you not to bring hot food or drinks onto the coaches.

Clothing :

Entrance to mosques, churches, monasteries visited in our tours is not allowed to gentlemen and ladies with no proper outfit.

Children :

Children under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult.

As children reduction policy varies for each supplier, we kindly ask yoıu to contact us for further information in this matter.

Lost property :

Whilst every effort is made to return lost property, Anker Travel cannot be held responsible for property left behind in hotels, tours coaches, ferries, aircrafts...

Property found will be sent by courier to the address given by the customer yet at full charge of the customer.

Personal insurance :

Cancellation, loss or theft of belongings, health…

This is not included in our services. Discuss this with your insurance broker.

Luggage :

Luggage allowance is as per allowance by air companies. For shorter overnight coach tours returning to the point of departure, the allowance is one suitcase not exceeding 20kg (44lb) in weight. A small amount of hand luggage is permissible.

Luggage is carried at the passengers own risk and must be collected by the client.

Passports & Visas : April 2014 Change in Visa Application for Travel to Turkey

As of April 10, 2014, tourist and trade visas for Turkey can no longer be obtained on arrival at airport or port from the Visa Desk.

Travellers to Turkey must obtain an electronic visa (e-Visa) online before their departure.

A passport valid for the visited countries must be carried and it is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain visa requirements for these visited countries.

Price of a Turkish Visa, length of allowed stay and number of entrances permitted with one single visa depend on the citizenship (not country of residence) of the passport holder.

If you organize a trip including Cyprus, please bear the below in mind :

1. If your passport has been stamped at any gate (portor airport) of Turkish Northern Cyprus, access to Greece will be refused to you.

2. If you enter Cyprus from the Southern Greek side, you may not leave the island from the Turkish Northern part nor vice versa.

Accident or Loss :

Anker Travel have no liability for loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, or direct or consequential loss, however caused, unless due to our employees’ negligence, in which case our liability is limited (except for death or personal injury) to a maximum of the refund of the tour cost.

Anker Travel do not own or manage the hotels, ferries, ships, vehicles, accommodation and restaurants used and we have no liability for loss or damage caused by the proprietors or operators thereof.

Baggage is at owner’s risk throughout the tours.

Anker Travel respects your privacy.

We do not sell your personal information to anyone.