Since 2000, both domestic and inbound tourism of Turkey recorded a positive performance and this drove to a general growth of the Turkish economy.
The same positive records have been noted in M.I.C.E. tourism and each year bigger organizations meet in Turkey.
The proximity of Turkey to Europe, the convenience of flying with Turkish Airlines (the European preferred airlines for several years in a row) or other Turkish growing regional airlines, to large cities in the United States, Middle east and Asia, in addition to world-class infrastructure, and an abundance of tourist attractions, all at competitive rates, made of Turkey the country of choice for meetings, congresses, conferences, exhibitions and fairs.
The experienced staff of the Corporate Services Department at Anker Travel will design till the smallest detail your M.I.C.E. organizations : hotel reservations, transfers, design of the meeting room, supply of the needed technical equipment, food and beverage services, ….


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