Rental cars are the ideal choice for independent travelers.
Depending the size of the travel party or family, an economic car or a minivan are at hand; depending your driving style, manual or automatic gears are available…
The only points you will have to bear in mind are :
One-way drop-off charges if delivery and turn-in stations are different
Rental cars cannot be brought from Greece to Turkey or vice-versa
Rental cars in Greece cannot be sailed over to the islands or between islands.
Some agencies (especially on the Greek islands) may have rules such as a minimum days of rental (usually 3 days)
Prices given here are based on rentals of less than 7 days.
When you book a car, we can only guarantee a category but not a brand or model.
As Anker Travel is working with a series of agencies both in Turkey and Greece , giving here set prices and conditions is impossible. Prices given in this page are a fair average of all our Rent-a-Car partners. Yet, we guarantee that we will search for the most cost effective partner : we always compare daily rental prices and drop-off fees where applicable, included services…
If you have a “frequent user” card and inform us accordingly, Anker Travel will obviously check for the conditions of this company. We will always leave you the choice…


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