All bookings are handled via our secure online process. If you have any questions about booking our tours please do not hesitate to contact us at:
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Tour Information  
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  • Cruise/Flight Details
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Please provide any further information that you think may assist us with your booking such as number of children and their age, tour language requirements.  In addition if your group has a particular area of interest (such as Cultural, Historical, Archaeological or Religious) then please let us know and we will do all we can to tailor your tour and guide to this interest.
  • Additional Notes
Payment Information  
To secure a booking a symbolic 12$ or 10€ which are equal (65 TL) is required. There are 3 ways for making this payment and the easiest way to make this is by using your credit card through our secure online booking system.  Please note that we will only send confirmation of your booking once initial payment has been received.
1) Via Fax or Email
You can make your payment by download mail order form and fax or email to us.
2) By Bank Transfer
You can make your payment by bank transfer (USD, EURO, GBP). Please let us know which currency you would like to pay then we will provide you our bank account details.
  • Bank Transfer Notes
3) Secure Online Payment
Deposit Payment = 65 TL which is equal (12$ or 10€)
Our prices are quoted in USD for convenience of the customer as this reflects the largest demographic of our customers.  Anker Travel is based in Turkey and deposit payment of 12$ or 10€ will be charged in 65 TL (Turkish Lira) and your balance is to be paid cash (USD, EURO, TL) or by credit card (Visa – MasterCard) at the end of your tour.  
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Once you submit your booking you will receive an automated summary of the booking which will be followed by an email confirmation once the booking and payment has been processed.   If we need any further information to assist us with your booking then one of our consultants will be in touch with you.