As the demand of international business increases, high standards of comfort and facilities, hospitality and luxury have become essential.

The same goes for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or any other Event and in Turkey , at the crossing point of continents and ancient civilizations, you will find all your needs.

Why choose Turkey as your destination?

Imagine a land where the fertility of the soil is boundless, where the History goes back till the Paleolithic Ages, where one empire was destroyed just to see another one arise. Imagine a land where there is so much inspiration to be found: the Balkan accordion melodies in Thrace; the appeal of Istanbul ; the olive fields on the Aegean coast echo in your ears the very first questions of the Greek philosophers; the shores of the Mediterranean and its blue waters; the huge statues on the Mount Nemrut; the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia ; mountains under snow…

Believe that all these could be one country!  There are no limits in time or distance in Turkey .



    Anker Travel, to be closer to its customers and offer a quicker service, has developed online booking engines for various services.
     , a unique website with possibility to book online any of the Turkey-Greece ferries as well as the domestic and Adriatic (Greece-Italy) lines all operated by the major Greek ferry companies.

    A series of ferry companies (both Greek and Turkish though we mostly sell the Turkish companies) offer regular connections – of which some are interrupted in the winter period - between these two countries

    Greek Domestic and Adriatic (Greece-Italy) lines
    Anker Travel has a Sales Agent agreement with the main Greek ferry companies and reservations are made directly from the Greek Central Ferry Reservation System.

    Turkey-Italy direct ferry line has definitely been interrupted in 2010 and to-date no one has shown up to take over this line.
    Such being, the only possibility is to sail with different ferries via Greece.

    Turkey-North Cyprus schedules (Mersin/Tasucu-Girne/Magosa ferries)
    Also it's possible to book Turkey-North Cyprus ferries on



  • M.I.C.E


    Since 2000, both domestic and inbound tourism of Turkey recorded a positive performance and this drove to a general growth of the Turkish economy.
    The same positive records have been noted in M.I.C.E. tourism and each year bigger organizations meet in Turkey.
    The proximity of Turkey to Europe, the convenience of flying with Turkish Airlines (the European preferred airlines for several years in a row) or other Turkish growing regional airlines, to large cities in the United States, Middle east and Asia, in addition to world-class infrastructure, and an abundance of tourist attractions, all at competitive rates, made of Turkey the country of choice for meetings, congresses, conferences, exhibitions and fairs.
    The experienced staff of the Corporate Services Department at Anker Travel will design till the smallest detail your M.I.C.E. organizations : hotel reservations, transfers, design of the meeting room, supply of the needed technical equipment, food and beverage services, ….



    Our Ticketing Department has very solid contact with most of the international air companies and work directly with them.

    Should you need some quotations, be it for a single person or several groups from different origins, we will endeavor to offer you the best routes at the best conditions.



    When planning a business event, it is important to define the subject of this event which will determine the choice of the destination but also the nature of the facilities required.
    For an incentive, one would prefer a sunny or coastal area; for a team building team sport activities are a must; for international congresses the capacity of meeting rooms and tour possibilities will play an important role; a small brain storming a boutique hotel would be plenty…
    The next step is to define the actual venue : the hotel will have to respond to a series of criteria : number of rooms and suites, service quality, food and beverage responding to everyone’s (health and belief) needs, meeting rooms with their technical equipment (could be  outside the hotel), outside activities, touring possibilities, nightlife and gala dinner options…
    In this website, Anker Travel offer mainly hotels for travel and holiday purposes.  Yet, with our experience in organizing business events over the past years, we hold a wide portfolio of hotels responding to the needs of small group meetings to 1000 people congresses.
    Asking for a quotation has never been harmful and is not binding !



    Cruises have been very “in” this last decennia. So why not follow the trend for your corporate events : a congress, an incentive, a prize for your staff… Have you ever thought of a cruise ?
    Our Cruise Department has already organized several incentives onboard a cruise liner sailing from Turkey to Italy or among the Greek Islands.
    Let it be your turn !



    During your business events, you wish all services run smoothly, that everyone goes home with not only good memories but also the feeling of a constructive, useful happening.
    Everything starts with the welcome at the airport : name tags, promotional boards, knowledgeable and briefed staff to greet your event’s participants. Then driving them to destination with class !
    Depending on the size of your event and the importance of your guests, you may need several shuttle buses, limos, multi-lingual assistance; you maybe want to offer a refreshment en-route, organize pre-registration so your guests won’t need to queue at the reception of the venue…
    This all requires planning and organization… Entrust your event to Anker Travel : thanks to our experience and the professionalism of our partners, you will have a trustful partner and will guarantee the success of your event.



    All your guests have arrived at the venue sound and well and are happy to be there.
    Though they all know they are there to work, at some extend they will want to explore the area.
    The spouses may want to wander around rather than spending their time in the hotel’s spa.
    Anker Travel will build an excursion program based on the working hours
    - Highlight tours when every one can attend
    - Spouse tours or cooking lessons during the meetings
    - Sport activities if the subject is team building
    - Welcome cocktail at a historic or traditional venue
    - Farewell gala dinner
    - Donation programs
    What about that “little bit more” ?
    A giveaway or souvenir in everyone’s room, a cake for an anniversary or birthday,…
    You name it, we do it !



    A business trip, wherever, is mostly a rush travel to achieve a maximum of work in a minimum of time.

    Then you have two scenarios :

    The “frightful” scenario :
    When you arrive abroad, adds on this the check-out time, the stress to grab a cab or collect a rental car, get your way in a foreign country and unknown traffic, find a parking place… and finally the fatigue when you arrive at your meeting.

    The “relax” scenario :
    When you land at destination, you know your driver will be waiting for you, will take care of your luggage and that you will just have to lie back in your seat. While he drives to your destination, you will comfortably review your meeting notes and arrive at your appointment with confidence. Your driver will also be a good source for table reservations, practical information and even an interpreter to some extend.
    The next day(s), if needed, he will be again at your service already briefed about the day’s program.