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Let your guide show you one of the most impressive views of Istanbul from an unexpected…
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Probably the best way to describe the Grand Bazaar is to quote Mark Twain : “We went to the Grand Bazaar in Stamboul of course, and I shall not describe it further than to say it is a monstrous hive of little shops – thousands. I should say – all under one roof, and cut up into innumerable little blocks by narrow streets which are arched overhead.”

With more than 4000 shops in 64 streets and with 22 gates, the Grand Bazaar looks like a labyrinth. We must say that this definitely is not a shopping tour but a walk that will lead you through shops where they sell leather goods, sweets, dried fruit and spices, jewellery, glassware, pottery, fabrics, belly dancing costumers, t-shirts and all sorts of souvenirs. 

We will visit workshops where you will see how the craftsmen fix degrees on carats; you will see how artisans do their engraving on silver. 

Let your guide show you one of the most impressive views of Istanbul from an unexpected terrace ! 

Let us guide you through the most authentic districts of our city.

Our tours operated on a private basis;
* You will be met at ports & hotel with a sign (written on it your name) by our tour guide,     
* Our tour guide will be with your group during your visit the sites & museums on your itinerary,     
* You have flexibility to spend as much as time you would like to spend at each site,    
* You do not have to wait for other group members & limited time at each site,     
* You will be given to stop during the tour where ever you want to have pictures,     
* You can decide your departure time.

General Note = Prices quoted for this tour is for vehicle and local guide! We use our VIP Vehicles as per size of Group (Mercedes Vito for 1-4 people, Mercedes or Wolksvagen Minivan for 5-12 people, Midi Van for 13-20 people and Coach for 21-44 people.) If your group has a particular area of interest (such as Cultural, Historical, Religious or Archaeological) then please let us know and we will do all we can to tailor your tour and guide to this interest.

Lunch Break Note = Our private tours do not include lunch but if you would like to and up to the availability of your time in Port and your chosen tour we are happy to stop for a lunch break. There are many options for lunch and you can discuss on the day with your guide as the type of food you would like to try and your budget and you can pay for lunch and drinks directly once you are there. You will need to add on at least 30 mins to the duration of our tours as indicated to include a lunch break.  

*The Participants must be able to walk long distances over uneven and cobblestone surface under the sun. Therefore bringing Comfortable footwear and clothes, hat, sun cream and sun glasses are recommended. Winters in some areas of Turkey can be quite cold. Hence appropriate clothes are recommended.  

- A/C Vehicle as per size of group
- English speaking official tour guide

- Lunch
- Drinks
- Any other personal expenses


Prices quoted for this tour is the total per vehicle !

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