Located at the west end of Sporades group, Skiathos has become the busiest member of the region and the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades.

Skiathos Island, full of green, is literally surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and, as some like to say, is truly one of earth’s paradises floating on the water. Despite the rapid tourist development and visitors growth, it still offers more than just its wild nightlife; magnificent views with lush pine forests, rare vegetation, unique wetland and crystal-clear azure waters.

Approaching by sea, the first to see is the natural bay of the capital town (Hora) of Skiathos , the biggest settlement on the island, built around 1829-30. The town is a modern resort with excellent tourist facilities. Its most important landmark next to the harbor is the peninsula of Bourtzi, where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand. A stroll around the town’s paved streets reveals cute white houses with red tiled roofs and colorful gardens. The fortress of Bourtzi was established in 1207 but was later destroyed in 1660 when the island was conquered. Today it is one of the most romantic spots on Skiathos thanks to its densely planted pine trees and stunning views of the archipelago.

Small boats leave every day from the Old Port, offering daily excursions, stopping at beaches, or giving a round tour of the island. If you reach the Lalaria beach, ask them if they can show you the cave of Fonisa.

Whether you want to hide yourself away from the crowds or dance until you drop – and then wake up and do it all once again, Skiathos , with its delirious night life, is a real treat for visitors and especially for young people seeking the freedom to ignore conventions and party on to the frenetic beats of their favorite music.