Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades, is home to the tallest mountain, Mount Zeus (1,010 m). In the most popular island chain for tourists, Naxos is relatively quiet, quaint, and charming.

Naxos is famous for its marble - a brilliant white. If you tour ancient sites on the mainland before your trip to Naxos , you'll see marble which was quarried on Naxos and then transported overseas - quite an impressive challenge ! Take a day trip to the ancient island Delos, and see the famous lions at the 'lion terrace' which were sculpted on Naxos .

Naxos is green and fertile. Farming is widespread, and the island produces olive oil, fruits, wine, and potatoes. Xinotyro and Mizithra are local cheeses which you can buy from the farmers in the main streets of town. Fishing is an important activity and you'll see fishermen mending their nets on the docks and octopus drying in the sun as you stroll the pier.

Visit ancient ruins, venetian castles, monasteries and churches, or just relax on beautiful sandy beaches. Wherever you wander on Naxos , and there is lots to see and do, you'll be made to feel very, very welcome.