Igoumenitsa is often the first taste of Greece many tourist receive being the first Greek ferry stop for the boats from Italy and other Western European destinations.
The town is one of the fastest growing cities in Greece , with its large port and strategic location at the foothills of the mountains. Although there is little to occupy the tourist for long it is a pleasant town to roam and explore, the steep and winding streets have a wonderful ambience to them. There is also a ruined medieval tower and some lovely churches to see.

Just out of Igoumenitsa are small towns and beaches well away from the tourist trail. The mountains of the region are beautiful and there is much to take in if scenery and peace is what you are seeking.

The town of Praga, 50 kilometers to the south, is home to fantastic beaches and the Nekromanteio of Aphyra : according to Greek mythology, dead people were to cross the river Styx on a boat before they would descend to the underworld.  They were to pay their passage with a silver coin to Charon.
Today the site is a pilgrimage place worth a visit.

Praga town is also a wonderful Venetian town, with great beaches offering scuba diving possibilities.