Crete, the fourth biggest Mediterranean island, is known for it’s richness and diversity and lays on the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa.
About 250km long and 57km wide, it's highest point is 2400m.

Known as the birthplace of Zeus, Crete is the craddle of an important civilization (Minoan) and Cretans today are very proud to belong to the Hellenic world.  Celebrities such as Kazantzakis, Theodorakis come from Crete.

Crete is a country of mountains on the natural frontier between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas (following the Crete, Kassos, Karpathos, Rhodes line).  The "Lefka Ori" (White Mountains) rise up to 2.450m, the Ida chain up to 2456m.  These chalky mountains have been excavated by water shaping famous gorges.

Places you can visit during your stay in Crete;

- Heraklion Antique Town
- Heraklion Archeological Museum
- The famous Minos Palace in Knossos
- The magnificent Neo-Classic mansions, The Venice Castles and Chania Town
- Nautical Museum
- Janissary Mosque
- Chania Archaeological Museum
- Spiantza Area
- Samaria Village and Gorges
- Rethimno Town
- Venice Castle Fortetsa
- The light tower at the Pitoresk port
- Phaistos Minos Palace