It is the most remote island of Sporades group - first from the east, surrounded by crystal-blue waters and blessed with rugged natural landscapes; an ideal place of complete contact with nature, mysterious, with many surprises to sea lovers.
Alonissos is an island ideal for those who want to unwind and enjoy leisure walks in pine forests, olive groves and orchards. It hosts the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus-monachus.

With a centuries long history (Alonissos was one of the firstly inhabited Islands of the Aegean), Alonissos is situated at the crossroads of major sea routes. It was from here that Argo, the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed to Kolhida to retrieve the Golden Fleece and the ships of Achaeans sailed to Troy. According to the Greek mythology, Alonissos was first inhabited by Stafylos (meaning grape), the son of Dionysus and Ariadne. This myth explains the island’s strong bonds with viticulture from ancient times until today. Numerous shipwrecks of classic and Byzantine times lie on the sea bottom, confirming the naval power of the island through the years.

Upon reaching the island you will encounter the picturesque harbor of Patitiri, today’s capital of the island. Hora (or Old Village) is the old capital of the island. At Milia, you will find the International Academy of Homeopathy, which still keeps alive the deep-rooted tradition of folk medicine that cherished thanks to the miraculous herbs growing on the island. It also has a beautiful beach with turquoise waters.

June - July and September are the preferred months to visit, if you like some privacy and quality of service, choosing among numerous hotels and bungalows at Patitiri, Rousoum-Gialo, Votsi and Steni Vala. It is one of the preferred islands for yachting and boat travelers, offering supply vessel services and many natural bays for mooring.

Alonissos is surrounded by small islands scattered around the archipelagos. Spend a day on a boat trip to explore the uninhabited islet around the National Park speckling the Aegean to the east.